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Jordi Capellades

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Hello, World!

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I'm a developer based in Barcelona with a passion for create and building digital stuff. I'm currently learning Frontend technologists like Next, React and Tailwind.

Work Experience

  • Frontend and User tester in Sporttips App

    Project develop in 2022 at FHIOS
  • Develop a SPA for SABA (uk) usingVue + Bootstrap

    Project develop in 2021 at FHIOS
  • Work at FHIOS for two years

  • Worked at Edittec as a Drupal developer


Personal Projects

  • Go to my blog!Blog about my personal projects, life, and thoughts.

  • This personal website with Next

  • Spotify clone with Next + Tailwind

  • Vault, a password manager for myself with Laravel Breeze + React

  • Wedding invitation for my brother with Next + Tailwind

  • Landing page to learn Typescript + Next + Tailwind